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Our range of delicious snacks are for the health conscious who refuse to compromise on taste and crunch. The chips and flatbread are baked to perfection with a whole lot of love. Buy our snack bars online for a boost of energy in every bite. Our trail mixes are some of the best snacks online to satisfy your cravings and nurture your body. And of course, we all deserve a little indulgence from time to time. Order Indian snacks online to feed your sweet tooth or add some spice to the mix! Why pick just one? Our range of snacks has something delicious for everyone.

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How do we store the snacks?

Order snacks online and store them at room temperature for the duration of their shelf life. Our snacks are perfect for taking with you on the go. You can store the snacks in your lunchbox, picnic basket, or even pockets until it’s time to munch. For example, Chip & Dips make great snacks for kids. Simply pop one in their school bag for them to enjoy at lunch or after school. You can even keep a granola bar in your gym bag to enjoy as a post-workout snack. Storage is easy and snacking options nearly endless!

How do we eat the snacks?

Naan and Pita Chips pair perfectly with our range of dips and sauces. Our products also make for great evening snacks. Serve them at gatherings with our delectable dips and enjoy them with a refreshing glass of Raw Pressery’s juice. Mix and match flavours to create your favourite and even new snack recipes. Visit our Recipe Corner for snack recipes using Wingreens products.

Are your snacks healthy?

Our range of snack items are for the health-aware who refuse to compromise on taste. Made from whole wheat and baked, not fried, our range of chips and flatbread are a flavorful and healthier alternative to deep-fried chips. Wingreens Harvest’s Granola Bars are baked to crunchy perfection with 100% whole grain rolled oats, locally grown millets, and satisfying ingredients like cranberries and almonds.