WingreensWorld.com is the new world of food and beverages. It’s the go to place to find a curated set of food and beverage products and brands that meet the needs of the new age millennial consumer. Our brands and product range is continuously expanding. We want to be the one stop shop for all your food and beverage requirements. You can come to us for Wingreens dips and sauces, Raw juices, almond milk and protein shakes, Appitas pita chips and other healthy snacking products, The Impatient Baker ready mixes, Spice Rack international herbs, seasonings and Indian spice mixes, breakfast muesli…….We will soon have a full range of organic products, fruit yogurts, cheese, oatmilk, regular milk, bread, tea, coffee, the list is endless!


WingreensWorld.com is an e-commerce D2C platform that delivers the finest online customer experience matched with logistics and warehousing support to deliver what the consumer needs super-fast. It’s also an offline channel where consumers can experience and try the products before buying through our presence across a network of modern trade and premium general trade stores.

At Wingreens Farms we began challenging the status quo in farming over a decade ago when farming had not become fashionable. We started working with underprivileged women who were not allowed to step out of their veils, to start processing fresh produce from the farm. That led to the creation of fresh dips which was the starting point of our journey in bringing fresher, healthier and tastier food products to consumers. With the love and support we got from consumers our product range and presence has grown to where we are today.


We have big dreams and ambitions of changing the way food is made and consumed. However, we realise that we can’t do it all alone. Fortunately, today there are other brands like us trying to make a difference. We have taken it upon ourselves to bring as many of these brands together under the Wingreens World platform to make it easier for consumers to find the best products at the click of a button.


Ode to nature:

We are in awe of nature and its bountiful harvest. The fruits, vegetables and grains that nature nurtures are a gift that cannot be replicated. We can only do our best to retain their inherent nutrition and freshness and find ways to reach them to your table with minimal processing. Nature does what only it can do – we can only do our bit to bring it to you.

Farm sourcing:

We believe the farmer is best served in the value chain when the supply chain is as short as possible. We grow some things ourselves and try to get as many products directly from farms and help improve farm productivity, farm gate employment, scientific drip irrigation to save water and minimise use of pesticide etc.

Fresher products:

With farm sourcing and farm gate processing we are minimising the time taken in the supply chain and strive to get fresher products directly to consumers. We operate our own cold chain in many cities so that we can serve chiller products that stay fresh longer.

Ethical business model:

The WIN of Wingreens stands for the Women’s Initiative Network. From our inception we have worked with underprivileged women and take pride in the fact that its these women who make world class products that are the envy of the finest chefs. We are striving to create a socially inclusive business model that is today gaining recognition in academic circles.

Better for you products:

We want to provide healthier food choices to consumers to meet the requirements of today’s lifestyle. Products that are fresher, healthier, safer, and with real ingredients and minimum processing. We are turning the food processing industry on its head. Moving away from large industrial mechanised production units to smaller batch sizes, closer to farms and artisinally handmade products.

Innovation and variety:

We are continuously challenging the status quo and questioning the existing paradigm. The new age consumer wants products which are different from what their parents consumed. We stay relevant by continuously innovating and launching products that offer new flavours from all over the world and in innovative packaging formats. We don’t hesitate to experiment and involve the consumer in product tasting through our continuous sampling program across a national network of promoters in retail stores.

Making life easier:

Our intent is to make our consumers life easier. We try to do the hard work and leave the fun bits to you to put the finishing touches. With the pace of lives today there is so much to be done and we understand that food is yet such an important part of our daily lives. We don’t want you to compromise on it and hence try to deliver it in forms and in packaging that makes your life easier and allows you to add your own unique touch.

Always good taste:

Since its foods and beverages we make, we remain committed to always delighting the taste buds. All our products have to pass the taste test. They have to make you happy! We want to offer healthier products without compromising on taste. Food should always be about comfort and joy. It should bring family and friends together in an environment of love and happiness.