Welcome to our world! We created Wingreens World to be a one-stop shop for all your food and beverage cravings. Our aim is to provide better food choices to meet the requirements of the most conscientious consumer - you!


The WIN of Wingreens stands for the Women’s Initiative Network. Wingreens Farms was established more than a decade ago and our roots are in the earth. At the beginning, we worked directly with farmers to source fresh produce for our first products: our fresh dips! As the catalog has grown, we have never wavered in our commitment to social impact and sustainability. We believe that by empowering every single individual in the food chain, we can create a deeper impact. Our products start from the farmers who cultivate the produce, move to the women who expertly put them together, and pass to our logistics network and wonderful promoters who pack up the final products and bring them to you. We can’t forget our consumers, of course, the ones who fell in love with our brand and empower us to innovate and expand every day.

As we grew, we brought more brands into our portfolio. All our brands are committed to our core ethos of bringing you empowering, better-for-you, and innovative products.



Our first entry into the Wingreens World house of brands was Raw Pressery. One of India’s best loved beverage brands, Raw Pressery has grown over the years to offer an impressive range of juices, almond beverages, lactose free protein shakes, lemonades, iced green teas, and refreshers. Our beverages are made from fruit, not concentrate. We introduced new ways to extract, package, and distribute juices to make the most of their inherent nutrition and flavour. We believe that our consumers deserve the world of flavour and constantly innovate to give you even more!

If Wingreens Farms is bites and Raw Pressery is beverages, Wingreens Harvest is breakfast. At Wingreens Harvest, we are passionate about our shared food heritage: a diet enriched by ancient grains, nuts and seeds that has nourished and grown generations of Indians over centuries, imbuing them with the goodness of the earth. All our products, made in small batches, are free from artificial flavours, sugars, and synthetic preservatives. Every morsel of our breakfast cereals and snack bars brings you the goodness of the ancient, powered by the convenience of the modern.

Here at Wingreens World, we believe that the best food experiences don’t come from dining out, but from authentic ingredients, cooked to perfection. Saucery’s sauces, dips, and spreads are carefully crafted with fresh and wholesome ingredients. Combined in perfect ratios, we add a little sprinkle of magic to ensure that our products are long-lasting and absolutely delicious.

Our brands are constantly experimenting with new products. While all our brands are available in stores and marketplaces across the country, at Wingreens World, you get exclusive access to new launches and firm favourites at great prices. Stay tuned for our newest products coming in a few months and find them here first!

As a food and beverage company, we remain committed to deliciousness. Our products have to make you happy! Food should always be about comfort and joy. It should bring family and friends together in an environment of love and happiness. This is what we believe and what we bring to you.