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Brand Story

Our journey began from a small farm in Taoru, Haryana- not too far from the hustle-bustle of Gurgaon's urban landscape.

We set out to change the status quo. From reimagining the way our food is produced and consumed, to empowering the people who create it.

The ‘WIN’- of Wingreens stands for Women’s Initiative Network. We taught women who had never previously stepped out of their homes to travel the world of international cuisines. In a matter of months, they were making Basil Pesto, Mexican Salsa & Hummus- without leaving home!

Every ingredient in our dips, sauces, cereals and teas- is handmade with love, minimally processed & responsibly sourced!

Our roots lie within the roots, with eyes on a new world that snacks better, eats healthier & lives happier!