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Brand Story

"Why does being healthy have to be complicated?"

This is the question Raw Pressery set out to ask at the very beginning. And so began a long journey to find how we can make the most of our fruits and vegetables without compromising on taste.

Over the years since its inception, Raw Pressery has challenged the prevalent ideas of what beverages should be. Our beverages are made from fruit, not concentrate. We introduced new ways to extract, package, and distribute juices to make the most of their inherent nutrition and flavour. We believe that our consumers deserve the world of flavour and constantly innovate to give you even more!

While we started off with juices, our portfolio has grown to include almond beverages, lactose free protein shakes, lemonades, iced green teas, and refreshers fruit drink. Now, you can find our products in stores all over the country or at home on Wingreens World.

We owe you a huge debt of gratitude. You motivate us to innovate and improve. We hope we motivate you to Be You, Be Raw!