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Brand Story

"Why does being healthy have to be complicated?"

This is the question Raw Pressery set out to ask at the very beginning. And so began a journey to find how we can make the most of our fruits and vegetables, without compromising on taste.

After hours of creative juicing in the kitchen and time spent with farmers, India’s most loved cold pressed beverage brand was born. We worked with Mumbai’s famous network of Dabbawalas and began to home deliver fresh juices before moving on to partner with large retail chains. In 3 short years, we created a loyal fan base and expanded to major cities and towns across India.

Our range of Juices, Smoothies, Protein Shakes and Almond Milk are all made with real fruit, no concentrate and are naturally sweet. Today, Raw Pressery continues to grow its offerings as a part of the Wingreens World family.

Grab your healthy, tasty dose of goodness on the go!