Yoghurt Parfait with Muesli


Yoghurt Parfait with Muesli

Prep:5 mins

Is there a better way to start your day than with a filling bowl of muesli and some fresh fruit? This 5 minute recipe will make breakfast easy, nutritious, and super delicious. Don’t worry about rushing through your mornings anymore, simply assemble these healthy muesli bowls and enjoy them on the go. Monsoon Harvest muesli is made with the goodness of millets and serves as the perfect dose of nutrition to start your day.

Ingredients to make Yoghurt parfait with muesli:

1-2 tsp Organik Country Honey (to taste)
¼ cup of your favourite fresh fruit
1 cup plain yoghurt

Steps to make Yoghurt parfait with muesli:

Spoon fresh Yoghurt into a bowl.
Top off with Millet Muesli.
Add the fresh fruit of your choosing and drizzle honey over the top.
Serve cold or pack it in a tiffin box for later.

Tips for the perfect Yoghurt parfait with muesli:

1. Feel free to use any fruits you like. Fruits such as mango, banana, berries, and apples work best!
2. Monsoon Harvest Muesli comes in a wide variety of flavours - replace cranberry and almond with whichever you like best!

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