tandoori mirchi bajjis recipe


Tandoori Mirchi Bajjis Recipe

Prep:20 mins
Serving:20 mins

A deep fried fritter made of green chillies, this fiery snack is perfect for all spice lovers! Serve this south Indian snack recipe to spice up your next gathering. The best part? Wingreens Farms’ sauces will help you customize the flavours of this dish to your liking. Use Tandoori Sauce for a smoky flavour or try something new with Cheesy Sauce. And of course, you have to serve the mirchi bajjis with creamy Mint Mayo and Peri Peri Ketchup on the side. For a less spicy dish, choose jalapenos instead of desi green chillies and remove the seeds before cooking. Finger food is a great choice for the festive season - balance your plate in your lap and play cards with your free hand. This snack is a winner at every feast.

Ingredients to make Tandoori mirchi bajjis:

12-15 thick green chillies or jalapenos
2 cups gram flour (besan)
¼ tsp baking soda
Optional: chaat masala
¾ cup room temperature water (or as needed)
2 tbsp oil + oil for frying

Steps to make Tandoori mirchi bajjis:

Slice the green chillies halfway down one side. Scrape out the seeds and brush a thin layer of Tandoori Sauce inside each chilli. Pat them dry from the outside and set aside. Combine besan, baking soda, salt, chaat masala, and oil in a bowl. Slowly mix in water a little at a time until the batter is thick and coats each chilli evenly.
Heat up oil in a deep pan.
Coat the first few chillies in the batter and add them to sizzling hot oil. Deep fry them, one batch at a time, until they are golden brown (2-5 minutes). Cook all the chillies in this way, rotating them once in the middle, and set them on top of a paper towel to drain off the excess oil.
Arrange them on a platter and serve hot with a side of Mint Mayo and Peri Peri Ketchup.

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