Spicy Schezwan Corn Chaat


Spicy Schezwan Corn Chaat

Prep:10 mins

This crispy corn recipe will leave you mesmerised. Simple and super delicious, this appetiser is a must try for your next party at home. Flavoured with our delicious Schezwan Spice Mix for the perfect indo-chinese kick, this crispy corn is loaded with zesty flavours and serves as a delicious game day snack. Here’s what you’ll need:

Ingredients to make Spicy schezwan corn chaat:

250g sweet corn

1-2 tsp

Salt to taste
1/4 cup cornflour

Steps to make Spicy schezwan corn chaat:

Boil sweet corn until it is tender, but not fully cooked.
In a bowl combine corn flour with Spice Rack All-in-one Spicy Schezwan Spice Mix.
Heat oil in a pan.
Coat the corn in the cornflour mixture.
Deep fry until golden and crispy.
Dredge excess oil on a paper towel and serve.

Tips for the perfect Spicy schezwan corn chaat:

Who said making street style chinese at home is complicated? With this delicious Schezwan recipe, we guarantee it’s never been easier. You just have to carve out a few minutes in your day, for the snack of your dreams.

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