Spicy Salsa Bites


Spicy Salsa Bites

Prep:5 mins
Serving:As Needed

There are only 10 minutes until kickoff. What do you make? Try these spicy, bite sized snacks! Made with our secret salsa recipe, Peri Peri Salsa is loaded with delicious Mexican flavours and is the perfect companion to crunchy crackers. Guests are sure to love these salsa bites. The best part of this 5 minute recipe is that we offer you better-for-you, easy to use ingredients!

Ingredients to make Spicy salsa bites:

1 pack mini crackers
1 tsp grated Mozzarella cheese per piece
1-2 Jalapenos per piece
2-3 Olives per piece

Steps to make Spicy salsa bites:

1.Arrange the crackers (or biscuits if you are using those) on a tray.
2.Add a dollop of Wingreens Peri Peri Salsa to each piece before topping it with cheese and arranging the jalapenos and olives over the top.
3.Sprinkle these bites with All-in-one Mexican Seasoning, then rearrange them on a platter for your guests to enjoy.

Tips for the perfect Spicy salsa bites:

1. Lightly drizzle olive oil on the bread before toasting it for a crunchy texture and smooth taste.
2.You can replace cheese with paneer if you would like.

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