Matchday Flatbread with Hummus


Matchday Flatbread with Hummus

Prep:5 mins
Serving:As Needed

This hummus recipe is a must have for your gameday watchalongs! Simple, easy and super delicious, this recipe is packed full of flavour and nutrients and provides maximum satisfaction with minimal effort. We love 5 minute recipes and are sure you do too. This one is especially perfect for gatherings, and the ideal snack to munch on as you tune into those tense innings, or game winning finishes.

Ingredients to make Matchday flatbread with hummus:

Wingreens Farms Rosemary Hummus
Crumbled feta cheese
Sliced Cucumber
Balsamic Vinegar

Steps to make Matchday flatbread with hummus:

Spread a thick layer of hummus on each flatbread.
Top with sliced cucumber, feta cheese, and lashings of balsamic vinegar.
Eat them while they are crunchy!

Tips for the perfect Matchday flatbread with hummus:

You can assemble this crunchy hummus flatbread in a jiffy and keep hunger pangs at bay. We also think this makes for the perfect after-school snack to share with your kids.

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