Iced Green Tea Party Punch

Iced Green Tea Party Punch

Prep:5 minutes
Refresh your drinks menu with our Iced Green Tea Party Punch, a drink packed with the tart flavours of lemon and the invigorating essence of green tea. This lively drink works perfectly as a cocktail or mocktail. You can tweak this iced tea recipe to add the alcohol of your choice, based on your preference. Our Iced Green Tea Party Punch recipe serves 6, but you can easily double or triple this recipe. Boozy or not, this drink is deliciously refreshing and the perfect party starter this festive season.

Ingredients to make Iced green tea party punch:

Fresh mint
Lemon wedges
Optional: 30 ml of vodka per drink

Steps to make Iced green tea party punch:

Build your cocktail by muddling lemon and mint in the bottom of each glass.
Add ice cubes and vodka, if using.
Pour in half a bottle of Classic Lemon and half a bottle of Iced Green Tea - lemon.
Stir well, garnish with more mint and lemon, and serve.

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