Ham Sandwich


Ham Sandwich

Prep:5 mins

Calling all non-vegetarians! Our ultimate ham sandwich is the perfect lunch recipe for all you protein enthusiasts. You are guaranteed to love this double-decker sandwich. Enjoy it between meetings or take it to work in your lunch box. If you plan to pack the ham sandwich, please ensure you refrigerate it until lunchtime.

Ingredients to make Ham sandwich:

3 pieces of bread
4-6 slices ham
2 slices cheese
Optional: Lettuce, tomato

Steps to make Ham sandwich:

Toast the bread.
Generously spread Premium Veg Mayo and Honey Mustard on two slices of bread.
3.Add ham, cheese, and veggie fillings of your choice.
4.Stack the bread to create a double decker sandwich. Secure it with toothpicks. Enjoy it now or save it for later!

Tips for the perfect Ham sandwich:

1. For a healthy take on the ultimate ham sandwich, use multigrain or sourdough bread.
2. Feel free to substitute Honey Mustard with Sriracha Mayo if you like your sandwiches spicy.
3. Someone once said that the secret to a great sandwich recipe is in the sauce. We combined 2 classics - Honey Mustard and Mayo. Sweet, spicy honey mustard meets creamy mayo to create magic in each bite.

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