Game-Time Guava Mocktail


Game-Time Guava Mocktail

Prep:5 mins
Serving:As needed

Here is a refreshing guava mocktail recipe that will take you back to your childhood, perfect for parties, gatherings and screenings! Guava and chilli are a classic pairing. A little bit of sweet meets a little bit of spice in this 5 minute recipe.

Ingredients to make Game-time guava mocktail:

¼ tsp

1 squeeze Lemon Juice
200ml Soda Water

Steps to make Game-time guava mocktail:

Add ice in 2 tall glasses
Divide the bottle of Raw Pressery Guava juice between both
Squeeze a little lemon juice on top and add a pinch of Spice Rack Chilli Flakes.
Top up each glass with soda and serve chilled.

Tips for the perfect Game-time guava mocktail:

Adding a pinch of fiery chilli flakes brings out the sweetness of the guava juice. Our guava mocktail is the perfect matchday drink!

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