Festive Finger Sandwiches Recipe


Festive Finger Sandwiches Recipe

Prep:10 mins

A good sandwich may satisfy your hunger, but a great sandwich goes one step further. Our take on the classic Bombay Sandwich is the perfect finger sandwich to serve at your festive gatherings. Hearty and satisfying, these mini sandwiches are made with a zesty twist, courtesy of Wingreens Farms’ Cheesy Jalapeno Sauce. Made with easily available ingredients, this double-decker extravaganza feels indulgent, yet healthy. We promise, no guest will leave your party hungry if our finger sandwiches are on your snack table.

Ingredients to make Festive finger sandwiches:

6 slices of bread
½ cup paneer, crushed
2 tbsp onion, finely chopped
1 small green chilli, finely chopped
Optional: chopped bell pepper, coriander, grated beetroot

Steps to make Festive finger sandwiches:

Mix the chopped vegetables and paneer with a hefty dose of Cheesy Jalapeno sauce and salt to taste.
Butter each slice of bread on one side.
Spoon the mixture over 3 slices of bread and top each slice with another slice to make a sandwich.
Grill the sandwiches on a hot tawa or grill pan with a little extra butter until both sides are well toasted.
Chop the sandwiches into four square pieces or two triangles (any way you want, really!)
You can serve them immediately or store them until you are ready to lay your table.
Optionally, garnish the finger sandwiches with sev, chopped onions, or paneer.

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