Easy Banana Chocolate Milkshake


Easy Banana Chocolate Milkshake

Prep:5 mins

Bananas and peanut butter are a classic pairing of health and indulgence. We bring you a yummy milkshake loaded with fruit. Combine creamy chocolate peanut butter and sweet bananas with the milk of your choice to make the shake of your dreams. It is indulgent, but loaded with protein and fiber. Kids will love it, but parents will too! Kickstart your family’s morning with this easy milkshake recipe and enjoy the surge of energy all day long!

Ingredients to make Easy banana chocolate milkshake:

½ a ripe banana, chopped
1 tbsp Wingreens Farms Chocolate Peanut Butter
1 ¼ cups milk

Steps to make Easy banana chocolate milkshake:

Blend all ingredients together in a blender until well combined.
Add some ice and enjoy!

Tips for the perfect Easy banana chocolate milkshake:

We recommend using Raw Unsweetened Almond Milk for a low-lactose variation loaded with plant protein.

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