Dairy Free Gajar Ka Halwa


Dairy Free Gajar Ka Halwa

Prep:1hr 30 mins

If there’s one dessert that wows every Indian heart in the wintertime- it has to be Gajar Ka Halwa. Made with bright red seasonal carrots with their signature sweetness, made creamier and more delectable with the perfect blend of nuts, milk and other ingredients- no one can truly resist it! Our version of this classic is also a boon for people who want their Halwa to be dairy free, and lighter on the tummy. The almond milk endows it with deeper, earthier flavors that work like a dream!

Ingredients to make Dairy free gajar ka halwa:

1 Kg carrots, grated
8 Green cardamom pods
7-8 Raisins
1/3 cup Organik Country Jaggery or ground raw sugar
4 Almonds for Garnish

Steps to make Dairy free gajar ka halwa:

In a stainless steel heavy bottom pan add grated carrots.
Pour the almond drink into the carrots, add cardamom pods and cook until all liquid has reduced.
Add Jaggery. Mix in. Cook for another 20 to 30 minutes or until all the almond milk has almost been absorbed. Depends on the moisture in the carrots and the stove. Stir occasionally.
Add raisins, top with almonds.
Serve warm or cold.

Tips for the perfect Dairy free gajar ka halwa:

Every home has its own take on gajar ka halwa, and with this easy recipe- you can wow your family by putting a unique spin on it!

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