Creamy Ice Cream Sandwiches


Creamy Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Can’t decide between cookies and ice-cream? Have both! An ice-cream sandwich is truly the perfect treat for your kids. This recipe is customizable at every step, perfect for those who want their desserts their way. Enjoy the sense of sweet nostalgia these homemade ice cream sandwiches evoke. We hope they bring a child-like joy to your day!

Ingredients to make Creamy ice cream sandwiches:

1 package

2 tbsp water
5 ½ tbsp room temperature butter
Your favorite ice-cream
Optional: ¾ cup add-ins of your choice (chocolate chips, nuts, etc)

Steps to make Creamy ice cream sandwiches:

Preheat your oven to 200℃.
To make the Wingreens Easy Eggless cookies, first transfer the contents of one package into a large bowl. Whisk water and butter into the cookie mix until no lumps remain.
Fold chocolate chips, nuts or any other additional ingredients into the cookie dough
Gently place a tablespoon of cookie dough on a baking sheet, at least 1 inch away from its neighbors.
Bake the cookies in a preheated oven at 200℃ for 12 minutes.
When baked, let cool completely before making the ice cream sandwich.
Hold a cookie with the flat side facing upwards. Press a scoop of your favorite ice cream on to it, then use a second cookie to top the sandwich off.

Tips for the perfect Creamy ice cream sandwiches:

The larger the cookie, the better. Cookies with greater surface area can support the extra large scoop of ice cream we crave!

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