Chia Pudding


Chia Pudding

Prep:5 mins

Can’t decide what to eat every morning that’s both nutritious and delicious? Make a unique breakfast dish in 4 amazing flavors! Chia pudding is an easy breakfast option that can be customized in many different ways to suit everyone’s taste buds. Smooth and creamy, this easy breakfast recipe is loaded with powerful nutrients. Widely considered a superfood, chia seeds are powerhouses of antioxidants, minerals, and immunity-boosting proteins. Prep the dish at night, add the flavours you love, and leave the pudding in the fridge until breakfast time. Overnight, this humble combination will bloom into a rich, creamy custard. Yum! 


Ingredients to make Chia pudding:

1/4 cup

1 tbsp

Flavour Option 1: ½ tsp Organik Country Turmeric
Flavour Option 2: 1 ½ tbsp Cocoa Powder
Flavour Option 3: 1 tbsp Fruit Jam
Flavour Option 4: ½ cup Fresh Berries

Steps to make Chia pudding:

Whisk all ingredients in a container with the flavour option of your choice! Turmeric will add an extra dose of health, while cocoa powder will bring the rich flavours of chocolate to your breakfast. Fruit jam and fresh berries are guaranteed to be a hit with the family.
Cover, shake, then refrigerate overnight.
Serve cold or warm the pudding up in the microwave before enjoying it.

Tips for the perfect Chia pudding:

Chia pudding will last for 4-5 days in the fridge, so feel free to make a larger batch with multiple flavours and enjoy it over several mornings.

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