Butter Garlic Fried Eggs


Butter Garlic Fried Eggs

Prep:5 mins

There’s nothing better than a hearty breakfast of fried eggs on a Sunday morning to enjoy with the whole family. Our recipe of Butter Garlic Fried Eggs requires precisely 3 ingredients, but is guaranteed to be one of the most delicious egg recipes we have tested in the Wingreens kitchen. Its rich flavours complement the smooth texture of the eggs to create a simple, yet healthy breakfast dish. All you really need to ace this dish is 5 minutes and a non-stick frying pan.


Ingredients to make Butter garlic fried eggs:

2 eggs
1 tsp oil

1 tsp

Steps to make Butter garlic fried eggs:

Heat up oil in a non-stick pan. (A sizzling hot pan will prevent the eggs from sticking and require much less oil than many egg recipes do.)
Crack two eggs into the pan. Drizzle salt and All-in-one Butter Garlic Seasoning on top.
Cover the pan with a lid and cook for 3-4 minutes until the eggs have set and the whites are beginning to get crispy.
Remove from heat and serve hot with multigrain toast.

Tips for the perfect Butter garlic fried eggs:

Let the delicious aroma of fried eggs pair with the star of the show- our subtle yet powerful Butter Garlic Seasoning and waft through your kitchen until everyone at home wants to grab a plate of their own!

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