Breakfast Egg Burrito


Breakfast Egg Burrito

Prep:10 mins
Serving:As Needed

This warm, hearty wrap is perfect for winter mornings. It is deliciously tangy, filling, and only takes 10 minutes to make. Kick off your day with a balanced breakfast to keep you active and full all morning. A hearty breakfast burrito is best enjoyed immediately, but this recipe will stay fresh even when packed away and eaten later.

Ingredients to make Breakfast egg burrito:

50-60 gm Mushroom
1 Sliced Red Bell Pepper
1 Sliced Green Pepper
1 Sliced Onion
1-2 Tsp Tabasco
2 eggs

1 tbsp

Roti or tortilla wrap

Steps to make Breakfast egg burrito:

Whisk your eggs well in a bowl.
Melt butter in a pan. Once it bubbles, add the eggs, salt, pepper, and Spice Rack Dried Oregano Leaves.
Saute Mushroom, Onion & bell peppers for 3-4 mins
Add 1-2 Tsp of Tabasco Sauce
Add in the whisked eggs
Scramble well until the eggs are cooked through and fluffy.
Build the wrap by spreading some Wingreens Mexican Salsa on a tortilla or roti, then spooning the scrambled egg mixture on top.
Tuck in the edges and tightly roll up the burrito.
Heat a frying or grill pan. Place the wrap inside and gently press down on it, so it starts browning and crisping up. Flip it carefully and toast the other side until golden and crispy.

Tips for the perfect Breakfast egg burrito:

Spread Wingreens Cheesy Sauce or Basil Pesto on the tortilla to experiment with different flavours. Make this breakfast more wholesome by adding vegetables of your choice. We recommend spinach, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms. Pan-fry the vegetables with the same seasonings and add them to the scrambled eggs while rolling into a burrito.

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