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Fiery Mustard

Pungent, peppery and extremely yummy, our Wingreens fiery desert mustard is nothing if not feisty! One taste of this and you’ll be yearning to add a little on everything you eat! Don’t miss trying this perfect balance of spicy and tangy today. Go on, order our mustard sauce online today and call your friends over!

Did You Know?

One of the most widely used and grown spices around the world, mustard has been in existence for centuries! In ancient Egypt and ancient Greek times, mustard was used both for cooking, as well as a medicine. Wondering how the condiment derived its name? From the term ‘Burning must’ - an ode to its tanginess.

The Inside Story

One taste of our Wingreens fiery desert mustard, and you’ll be mentally transported to a world where your tastebuds will give you a kick! Made with high quality mustard seeds, our mustard is definitely not for the faint-hearted and is sure to knock your socks right off!

How To Use

Bursting with flavour, Wingreens Fiery Desert Mustard is the perfect condiment to pair with grilled meats, sauteed or stir fried vegetables, fish, or even a sandwich. Breathe a kick of life into your next meal by adding a little dollop of the mustard! Use it with Indian cuisine, or add it to your salad as a dressing. Spread it, use it to dip chips in, or dress your veggies with it. It’s creamy texture will leave you eager for more.

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