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So you think you can handle spice? Let’s see you try our special Bhut Sriracha Sauce and we will ask you again! Packed with the burning flavour of red chillies, this hot sauce is only made for those who can take the heat. This one is not for the faint of heart, trust us. So sit back and watch as its spicy flavour lights your taste buds on fire.

Did You Know?

The Sriracha sauce is actually pronounced ‘sree-rotch-ah’. The sauce gets its bright red colouring from the red jalapeno chile peppers that are used. However, they are considered much less spicy than green jalapeno peppers.

The Inside Story

We sourced spicy red chillies to craft a deliciously tangy Sriracha sauce for you. With the right level of spice, this fiery sauce comes with a smooth texture and guarantees an intense experience.

How to Use

Give your sandwiches, sushi, burgers and wraps a fiery kick with our hot and spicy Bhut Sriracha Sauce. Cook some noodles and rice and turn it into a spicy affair with this delicious hot sauce. It makes for an excellent dipping sauce for your snacks too. So, come get your hands on this hot Spicy Chilli Sauce to fire up your everyday meals.

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