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Organik Country was born out of the purity of the sun and soil, as part of our larger vision here at Wingreens World, to make better-for-you foods accessible to all of India. Created with sustainably sourced, minimally processed ingredients, our range of everyday essentials is all natural and all wholesome!

Each of our products is a tribute to good health and well-being. Our range of organic jaggery and natural honey is a wonderful source of rich, earthy sweetness. All sweet, with no sugar! Packed with essential nutrients, our all natural seed packs are the perfect dose of good health to munch on the go. Enrich your dishes with our cold-pressed oils and add a zest of organic goodness with our infused apple cider vinegars. Looking for healthy juices and superfoods online? Try our range of superfood juices and wellness powders. Packed with nutrition and vitamins, they make for the greenest start to your day.

Infused with the beauty of mother nature, our extensive range of products is brought to you by sustainable production methods. It's good for you and better for the earth. Join us as we traverse into a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. We guarantee that eating healthy has never been easier or tastier!