Schezwan Chilli Garlic Chicken Wings

Schezwan Chilli Garlic Chicken Wings

Picture this, you have a cold beverage and spicy chicken wings by your side just before kick-off of an intense game! We strongly believe this pairing is a ‘match made in heaven’.We’ve added an asian twist to this classic party snack recipe, giving it an extra spicy kick! Coating crispy chicken wings in our Schezwan Chilli Garlic Sauce will give you lip-smacking flavour in every bite!

Ingredients to make Schezwan chilli garlic chicken wings:

500g Chicken Wings
½ cup Flour
Salt to taste
1 tsp Red Chilli powder

Steps to make Schezwan chilli garlic chicken wingss:

On a plate, mix flour, salt, and red Chilli.
Coat chicken wings evenly with the flour mixture.
Pat excess flour off and fry the wings in hot oil until golden brown and crispy. Alternatively, bake them at 200°C for 30 minutes or air fry them at the same temperature.
Remove the crispy wings from the heat and
Add them to a bowl while they are still hot.
Toss the chicken in Wingreens farms Schezwan Chilli sauce until well coated.
Serve hot!

Tips for the perfect Schezwan chilli garlic chicken wingss:

You can make this spicy, game time essential healthier too! Break out your air fryer to turn this into a better-for-you, wholesome snack. You can even bake the wings instead of deep frying them. It’s as easy as Schez-1, 2, 3!

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