Chicken Kathi Roll Recipe

Chicken Kathi Roll Recipe

Boring dinners letting you down? Try these delicious kathi rolls instead! This Indian recipe brings together spicy chicken, creamy garlic dip, and soft paranthas for a party in every bite. Our Punjabi kadhai chicken roll is the healthier, spicier version of the classic Frankie. For a vegetarian dinner, substitute chicken with paneer or a mixture of your favourite vegetables. We suggest making extra filling - you're guaranteed to come back for more. 


Pro parantha tip: We recommend using Organik Country’s A2 Cow ghee for an extra punch of flavour. You can buy ghee online at Wingreens World and have it delivered directly to your doorstep!

Ingredients to make Chicken kathi roll:

Steps to make Chicken kathi rolls:

Saute the chicken in a pan with a drop of oil and a generous helping of our All-in-one Punjabi Kadhai Spice Mix.
Prepare fresh paranthas with ghee.
Spread Garlic Dip over each parantha and top with a hefty serving of chicken. For added crunch, sprinkle the Better Aloo Bhujia on top and add thinly sliced onions and tomatoes.
Roll and enjoy!

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