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Good morning, sunshine! Long-stemmed sunflowers have always been symbols of beauty and sunshine. These blooms are universally appreciated for both their grace and their gifts. For example, their oil serves a myriad of functions across global cuisines. We went ahead and stored organic sunflower oil in a 1 liter bottle so you can have unadulterated sunshine in your kitchen at all times.

Did You Know?

Sunflower seeds are loved worldwide for their nutritional value. Seeds with a black husk are ideal for the production of sunflower oil, while those with a striped husk are perfect for munching! Crushing black-husked pips releases sunflower oil. This neutral tasting oil is perfect for cooking foods at all temperatures thanks to its high smoke point of 230ºC.

Inside Story

Wingreens’ partners harvest both kinds of sunflower seeds so we can offer our customers organic oil as well as sunflower seeds. Prior to packaging, these Sunflower Seeds are stripped of their husks and cold pressed to release their oil. Our high-quality sunflower oil is guaranteed to make all the food you cook taste delicious.

How to Use

Given its tolerance of high temperatures and mild flavor, sunflower oil is the perfect frying oil. That’s why we put it in such a large bottle! Go ahead and deep fry pakodas, chicken, vegetables, and more. Please store it in a cool place away from harsh sunlight because while sunflowers love the sun, their oil can turn rancid if overexposed to it.

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