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Peanuts are everywhere these days, from butters to comics! Groundnut oil, also known as peanut oil, is a mild flavored oil derived from their nutty goodness. Wingreens brings you one of India’s most frequently used oils in a new organic avatar. Our organic groundnut oil is sure to become a pantry staple.

Did you Know?

The world’s love affair with groundnut oil really picked up steam after World War 2. Groundnut oil is rich in Vitamin E and healthy fats. Benefits like these make it a healthier alternative to other refined oils. Some massage therapists have also brought it on to their massage tables for its ability to relax back muscles!

Inside Story

Wingreens raises a toast to healthy living with our organic range. The raw materials we work with are cold processed to deliver the highest quality oil.

How to use

Refined groundnut oil has a high smoke point of approximately 230ºC, making it a great choice for deep frying batches of french fries or your favorite fish. Of course, it is a wonderful base for foods stir-fried or sauteed at lower temperatures too. Our 1 liter bottles contain more than enough for all your culinary adventures!

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