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Our range of delicious snacks are for the health conscious who refuse to compromise on taste and crunch. The chips and flatbread are baked to perfection with a whole lot of love. Buy our snack bars online for a boost of energy in every bite. Our trail mixes are some of the best snacks online to satisfy your cravings and nurture your body. And of course, we all deserve a little indulgence from time to time. Order Indian snacks online to feed your sweet tooth or add some spice to the mix! Why pick just one? Our range of snacks has something delicious for everyone.

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Which flavours of chip and dip do you have on Wingreens World?

Our chip and dip sets come in 5 exciting flavour combinations: Chatpata Pudina Naan Chips with Tandoori Dip, Butter Garlic Naan Chips with Makhani Dip, Tez Tandoori Naan Chips with Pudina Dip, Jalapeno Pita Chips with Sweet Chilli Garlic Dip, and Tangy Cheese Pita Chips with Mexican Salsa Dip. Rest assured, you can order each of these dips, sauces, and chips separately as well. Think of our chip and dip packs as single serve teasers of our bestselling snacks!

How do we use Wingreens World snacks?

Our chip and dip packs are delicious single-serve snacks for all times of the day. Pop them in your bag to enjoy on the go or save them for late night munchies. Our pocket-sized granola bars make for delicious pick-me-ups whenever and wherever you are. Stock up on our large packs of naan chips to serve with full-sized dips and sauces at parties. We have delicious snacks for large groups of hungry people and single snackers!

Do Wingreens World snacks come in large pack sizes?

We believe that the more snacks we have, the better. All of our naan chips come in 3 size variants, all the way up to 150g! You can order granola bars online in packs of 1 and 3 or in a box of 6. The dips and sauces featured in our chip and dip packs are available in large tubes, nozzle packs, and/or dip packs as well.