No stress, no mess!- 5 Minute Loaded Naan Chips


No stress, no mess!- 5 Minute Loaded Naan Chips


A healthier take on nachos, this crazy, fun recipe requires no cooking at all! Loaded Naan Chips are the perfect 5 minute recipe. This is one snack kids are guaranteed to keep kids asking for more. Our naan chips have all your favorite desi flavors, and are baked, not fried- perfect for you and your little ones!

Ingredients to make :

Spice Rack Dried Oregano Leaves, to taste
Approx. 1 cup of your favorite toppings (we add chopped tomato, boiled corn, and olives)

Steps to make S:

Place the naan chips into a large bowl
Squeeze your preferred quantity of Wingreens Italian Herb Mayo, Wingreens Cheesy Chipotle Mayo, and Wingreens Cheesy Sauce on top (the saucier, the better!)
Add your favorite toppings to the bowl.

Tips for the perfect S:

Naan chips come in the flavours: ‘Tez Tandoori’, ‘Butter Garlic’, and ‘Chatpata Pudina’. Feel free to add any toppings you like, including chicken, vegetables, beans, chillies, and more!

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